Case Study

Phase 3 / 4 - Top Soil Validation

Remediation Supervision Verification Report

Jomas have been involved in many Remediation Projects, verifying the remedial works on completion to the satisfaction of our clients and the regulators. 

On many sites across the UK, Jomas have been brought in to assess the topsoil laid in soft landscaped areas to confirm suitability for use.

Even in some of the most complex remediation projects, often the final step is laying imported topsoil. Not only does soft landscaping add to the aesthetics of the site but it often also forms an essential barrier between pre-existing contaminated soils and the end-users of the site. Jomas regularly attend sites to ensure that the landscaping meets the standards required to successfully act as an effective barrier, both in terms of the physical installation and by ensuring the imported soils are chemically suitable for use.

Generally, this is required to address the planning condition which specified that a verification report is required before the occupation of a new property.