Land Contamination Assessments

For Planning Applications, Land Acquisition and / or Development.

Current UK legislation and planning policies require that land contamination assessments follow a phased, re-iterative approach. This identifies plausible source-pathway-receptor linkages, and ultimately determines whether the land is suitable for the development for which it is proposed, or can be made suitable by remediation.

The need to provide an adequate land contamination assessment or site investigation is outlined in National Planning Policy Framework. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that responsibility for securing a safe development rests with the developer and/or landowner.

With pressures growing on developers and landowners to tackle the problems associated with contaminated and derelict land, the need for specialist advice continues to grow. To meet this need, Jomas Associates Ltd employs experts, who specialise in the investigation, remediation and redevelopment of contaminated land.

We manage our scope of works, to prevent unnecessary costs.

We can identify anticipated abnormal development costs on behalf of our clients PRE-PURCHASE.

JOMAS Associates Ltd aim to be responsive, competitive, flexible and thorough but pragmatic in our approach to meeting our clients’ needs, while enabling timely discharge of planning conditions. We regularly liaise directly with regulators on behalf of our clients, to produce suitable documents to support the planning application process.

Our investigations also satisfy the requirements of NHBC Standards Chapter 4.1: Land Quality – Managing Ground Conditions and/or Building Control

To satisfy the NPPF, and in accordance with the Environment Agency’s CLR11, the land contamination assessment is conducted in four principal stages.

Phase 1: Desk Study (review of site history and developing a conceptual site model)
Phase 2: Intrusive Investigation and Risk Assessments
Phase 3: Remediation Options Appraisal and Implementation of Selected Strategy
Phase 4: Verification of Remedial Works