phase - 4

Completion and Verification of Remediation Works

Once the site remediation is complete, a Site Verification Report is produced to demonstrate that the agreed site remediation criteria have been achieved.

This report provides a full record of all remediation activities carried out at the site and contains accurate substantiating documentary evidence and data collected in accordance with the requirements of the Remediation Strategy and Implementation Plan.

If site attendance for sampling is required - we aim to be on your site within a matter of days.

We produce the COMPLETION REPORT for many developments

Elements included in JOMAS’ typical Site Verification Report include:

  • Details of the validation testing;

  • Certificates of the suitability of the imported cover materials;

  • fate of any excavated material;

  • Details of any installed post-completion monitoring devices including measures to be undertaken should action limits be exceeded. Actions for any unexpected contamination not addressed in the Remediation Strategy.

  • Any details of contaminated materials that have been left in-situ.

  • Details of any barrier systems or protection measures.

This report forms the most important documentary evidence that the site has been remediated to a ‘suitable for use’ standard.
If required, we will regularly consult with statutory regulators during all stages of our work, to ensure timely discharge of planning conditions.