Geotechnical Engineering – So much More Than Drilling a Borehole!

You may have seen drilling rigs like the one above before, and perhaps wondered why they are there, and what they are doing? This process of Ground investigation may well be one of the first steps in a major site development! But there is so much more to consider.

At Jomas, we’re always thinking ahead. So, whilst a Desktop Study, planning and managing a Ground investigation is an important part of what we do, it is what we do with the information gathered that really counts.

The data recovered by the drilling rig, soils/rock correctly sampled and tested, provide information required to characterise and understand the ground conditions at a site. This enables us to identify early on, potential constraints posed to development, and allows us to provide recommendations and solutions.

As well as the interpretation of Ground Investigation data to inform foundation design for schemes of varying sizes and complexities; in the last few months alone, we have also performed slope stability assessments for major new developments in Devon and Norfolk; assessed the risks relating to solution features in chalk in Kent, along with providing foundation design advice to the Structural Engineers for the development.

We have also carried out Coal Mining Risk Assessments for sites in Liverpool and Gateshead. In addition, we have carried out numerous Basement Impact Assessments and Ground Movement Assessments for developments in London, to satisfy Borough Council requirements.

Early involvement and pragmatic design saves our clients money and valuable time.

Planning and Implementing a Ground Investigation
Slope Stability Analysis
Raft Settlement Analysis

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