Jomas Associates is Championing Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering

We are incredibly proud that our MD, Roni Savage was recently announced as the winner of the Inspire Me Award at the 2019 Construction News (CN) Talent Awards. This award was hot on the heels of Roni having accepted the exceptional Presidential Invitation to the Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE).

The CN Talent Awards celebrate people who are striving to make construction a more inclusive industry. In particular the Inspire Me Award recognises individuals who inspire women that already work in construction, so that they may attain leadership roles.

In a field traditionally dominated by men we not only have an award winning, inspirational female leader, but as part of our small team, Josie Whitehead and Clare Prosser further represent female engineers. We are very firmly breaking the mould. Following in Roni’s footsteps Josie recently returned to the University of Bristol to talk to students about careers in the geotechnical sector, helping to inspire the next generation of engineers.

However being inclusive isn’t just about women, the men in our business are just as important. As part of their daily work lives we understand and provide the opportunities for men to balance their family life alongside their work life. This is as important for men as it is for women.

The judges from the CN News Talent Awards said “From the top down Roni is clearly having a big impact and she is going to be the face that’s out there and recognised at a wiser level. She demonstrates that she has earned personal achievement through the success of her own company, but on top of that she is inspiring others on a national scale.”

Women are under-represented in engineering and construction, and we hope that we are helping to showcase the industry as more balanced; offering an attractive career choice for both young women and men.

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