Two New Members of the Team!

Meet our Geo-Technicians Josephine (aka. Josie) and Clare,
the newest members of the Jomas Team!


Introduce yourself, What is it you do / What are you responsible for at Jomas?

I’m Josephine and I work as a Geotechnician, carrying out both site work and office-based jobs for Jomas. I am assigned roles on a large variety of jobs, throughout all phases of site investigation and reclamation.

How has your experience been so far, working at Jomas?

Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful from day 1. Working for a small company has allowed me to develop many new skills in a short time period. I have experienced many different jobs in a variety of interesting places.

What sparked your interest in becoming an Engineer?

My background in geology led me to have an interest in the construction industry and more specifically Site Investigation. Working as an engineer allows me to use and enhance the skills I gained from my STEM background, while learning new skills every day.


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