Welcoming Andrew Wallace to the Jomas Team

Originally from Sydney, Andrew recently joined our team at Jomas Associates, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of drainage design and flood risk assessment. Andrew has had a successful career working in Civil Engineering working across a number of different organisations. His extensive experience has involved designing infrastructure for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

What will your new role at Jomas encompass?

Flood risk assessments and drainage design. With climate change resulting in heavier rainfall and more flooding, the requirements for drainage design are increasingly onerous. My role is to ensure that all developments meet these drainage requirements by providing solutions that are both cost-effective, whilst also fulfilling all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

How has your experience been so far, working at Jomas?

Trial by fire, I have taken on a number of projects in a short time, but enjoyable work and a very friendly team so far!

What sparked your interest in becoming an Engineer?

I studied engineering science in high school and found it enjoyable as well as having a knack for it! I went on to study Civil Engineering at University and never looked back.

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